Astrio Arthritis Is Painful; Watch-out

Arthritis is and reasons-

Arthritis is and reasons-

Arthritis is a problem that makes life horrible, especially the astrio arthritis. There are certain precautions those may help the patients.
There are many reasons for arthritis but main reasons are bad posture, body disorder and injuries sustained in the past mainly. Cold weather makes it worse as the blood thickens and its flow some what reduced which makes the body parts affected and ultimately the pain takes place.
In cold conditions problems of the patients of arthritis, especially those of astrio arthritis increase many folds, main reason of the same being the inclusion of uric

acid in their blood.
This increases the pain in joints of the bones including backbone, hence the problem exaggerated. The main reason of pain in the backbone is due to reduced immunity of our system. In addition,
this pain can affect from the neck joint to the hip joint, therefore the patients are, advised to keep their medicines regular without fail.
Therefore patients of arthritis are, advised to keep their posture right and be careful as how they sit and sleep. In case of an accident, they must have total rest as per their doctor’s advice. Exercising without consulting their doctor may prove risky. Patients of arthritis are, advised to eat more green vegetables and vegetarian diets, although fish is, known to be a good diet for such patients. Massage is strictly as per the advice of their physiotherapist. Patients of arthritis should use thin cotton pillows and mattresses to avoid bad postured while sleeping.

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