Theft Is An Art, Which Can Earn You Millions

Thief who is a great writer
I never knew that thieves are better of as writers as well, than most of the writers are. A thief, who calls himself a gentleman cat burglar, has written a book on how one-can carryout burglaries, in Tokyo, Japan.

The thief who uses a penname, is a carrier burglar and has written the books named “Occupation”, “Thief; annual income” and “Y30 million”. This specialist of his own ‘Art” provides the tips on how to gain access on locked property and then get away again without leaving any signs. According to him, he is master

of this art, which he has described in detail.

The first print run of 10,000 copies of the book carries the warning “Please do not attempt to copy me” has almost run out in 10 days since publication. He has ordered many editions

since and every single copy sold as soon as appeared on bookstalls. I am sure despite of earning a lot of money through his writing skills he is not going to give up his art of butlery because that is his first love and source of income.

I am trying to get the books for myself of this learned writer, since the site that I am publishing my contents is not paying me enough to enable me to pay my bills. Therefore, this is not wise to think that the biggest thieves I think called honorable are– the politicians. There is much more in this world that we have not known to us yet.

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